Excellent performance in cold, damp environments.

Polyurethane wheels and Polyurethane tires designed for traction

Unlike rubber or harder compound polyurethane wheels and tires, Tmax will not chunk, tear, or dry out when used in blast freezers, cold storage areas, or damp locations. Tmax is developed with a 70A hardness and is non-marking, making it an excellent replacement for rubber. Suitable for indoor applications, the Tmax will not load up with debris. This material is ideal for material handling applications requiring high traction, but lower load.

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Performance Attributes

Load Capacity - 5
Long Runs - 5
Cut / Tear Resistance - 5
Traction & Braking - 10
Noise Reduction - 10
Operator Comfort - 10

Technical Data

Hardness (Shore A)
Split / Tear (pli)
Tensile Strength (PSI)
Elongation (%)
Compression Set (%)
Bashore Resilience (%)
DIN Abrasion (mm3)


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Tmax Polyurethane Tires

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