At Stellana, we strictly monitor over 30 variables throughout our standard production process. We manufacture wheels and tires for some of the most demanding OEM’s globally. For that reason, we can say with confidence that if we can successfully produce your product once, we will always be able to provide you that exact product at the same great quality.

Consistent Quality You Can Rely On

Our customers rely on us to provide long lasting, reliable wheels and tires for their high cost of failure applications. We take every measure to ensure our components improve the uptime and efficiency of your equipment.

Wheel manufactoring

A reputation for quality

All of HEXPOL’s units are certified based on local manufacturing and environmental quality standards. Our manufacturing facilities are closely monitored to ensure that all performance levels are maintained and that the HEXPOL quality management system is strictly applied.

Repeatability is the key to true quality. Our highly automated processing and production methods ensure consistency from batch to batch with post-production quality testing in our production control laboratories.

Count on us

You should expect to receive a defect-free product and we promise to deliver that time after time. Every Stellana location is certified according to international standards. Our commitment to continuous improvement sets up apart from other wheel and tire manufactures.

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Michael Scoon

Michael Scoon

Director Global Sales & Marketing

+1 262 812 7321
Irshan Jayah

Irshan Jayah

Business Development Director - Rubber Products

+1 262 475 9730
Erik Unnersjö

Erik Unnersjö

Director Sales and Marketing - Europe

+46 70 322 49 59
Edmund Li

Edmund Li

Director Sales and Marketing - Asia Pacific

+86 532 81 73 11 67

Sustainable society

Thinking sustainably doesn’t just mean taking care of our natural resources – it also means taking care of people. Our R&D experts work tirelessly to ensure that every compound we develop meets the requirements of their intended application and our socio-environmental commitments.


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