Wheels for Casters

Wheels for Casters

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The caster market is one of the most diverse markets in the material handling industry. The applications are nearly endless. A complex variety of light to very heavy-duty caster wheel systems in a diverse range of tread materials and sizes make up this market. In order to meet those needs, Stellana offers the broadest level of manufacturing and engineering flexibility in the industry.  We design casters made with tread materials of polyurethane, rubber, TPU and nylon. We can supply centers made of cast iron, polyamide, polypropylene or nylon. If bearings are required, we can do that too. Our injection molding capabilities reduce overall cost plus we can handle the largest or smallest production runs.



Caster wheels are normally used in manual applications. Ergonomic mobility is a key factor in material selection and overall design. Combined with strict manufacturing tolerances we develop wheels noted for their low rolling resistance, sound reduction, durability, and resilience. Find the efficiency you seek through a wheel solution that offers longevity, performance, and ease of motion to promote safety and productivity.

From light to medium, to heavy-duty usage, our wheels for casters are used in several rigorous and dynamic applications, including material handling, medical, hospitality, industrial, retail, food service, food processing, distribution, transportation, and more.


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Light duty caster wheels

Light Duty

Our light-duty wheels are commonly used on shopping carts, hospital beds, baggage trolleys, and more. We design our wheels to reduce overexertion injury, noise, and floor cleaning through their non-marking qualities – while increasing uptime, equipment protection, and ease of motion.

Engineered to carry lighter loads, these wheels are available in several materials and constructions. Our design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce standard and customized solutions to meet your unique needs and specifications.

Medium Duty

Our medium-duty wheels are the in-between when it comes to their load capacity. Depending on your application requirements, our engineers work to find the best material and overall design for your application.

We serve multiple industries with our wide variety of materials and sizes. Various tread materials can be bonded to steel or thermoplastic centers. Our design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce standard and customized solutions to meet your unique needs while offering high stability and strength.

Medium duty caster wheels
Heavy duty Caster wheels

Heavy Duty

Our heavy-duty wheels for casters are engineered for a long lifecycle, extreme strength, and safety. All aspects of the design work together to achieve a heavy-duty construction that can stand up to heavy loads, stability at higher speeds, and resist high-temperature build-up and other unique challenges that the usage environment presents. 

Our heavy-duty wheels for casters are available in a variety of materials which include polyurethane, Nylon, or rubber. The various tread materials can be bonded to steel or thermoplastic centers. These industrial caster wheels are commonly used in material handling and automotive environments.  

We design our wheels to handle heavy loads in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Industrial wheels for casters must offer reliable performance to reduce overexertion injuries and downtime while increasing productivity and ease of motion. 

Rubber wheels for Casters

Stellana rubber wheels for casters are known for their ergonomic mobility. Their ease of motion promotes safety and productivity which reduces workplace stress and fatigue. All tread material is natural rubber with formulations to meet specific performance characteristics. Our rubber wheels for casters are available in both light and heavy-duty configurations. We offer non-marking versions to protect floors and our designs reduce noise. Unique compounds can impart chemical resistance to various chemicals, and we offer anti-static and conductive versions.

Depending on your design needs we offer cores made of polyamide, nylon or polypropylene. If you prefer, we can supply only the rubber ring. The sizes range from 50mm x 20mm to 300mm x 65mm. All bearing options are available.

Stellana’s rubber rings for casters are versatile and flexible enough to accommodate many industrial and institutional usage environments including material handling, medical, food service, hospitality, retail, airports, and more.  Common uses include shopping carts, hospital beds, baggage trolleys, and more.

Rubber wheels for casters

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