Thermoplastic Wheels

Thermoplastic Wheels

Best thermoplastic wheel solution

Our thermoplastic wheel systems are available in all nylon constructions or TPU material structures. Our nylon materials are engineered to handle harsh conditions and high usage rates.

Engineered For Versatility And Strength

Thermoplastic wheel materials are well regarded for their chemical resistance and ability to withstand extreme operating temperature ranges – from very cold to very hot. The material properties eliminate flat spotting and offer good performance in wet or corrosive applications.

In addition, thermoplastic wheels exhibit extreme impact strength. Their abrasion and compression resistance also contribute to their overall durability. Thermoplastic wheels have several applications ranging from high temperature bakery applications to material handling.

Bakery application for nylon wheels
Conveyor systems

Common Applications Include:

  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Hand Pallet Truck Wheels
  • Casters
  • Bakery
  • Conveyor Rollers

Thermoplastic Materials

Nylon Wheels

These high-stability wheels consist of an all nylon, lightweight construction. The engineered profile ensures zero debonding and eliminates the worry of rust when compared to metal constructions. These wheels can accommodate a high load capacity and excel under rough flooring conditions.

Nylon Wheels

TPU Wheels

Looking for a different tread material? We also offer options that include a polyurethane tread bonded to the nylon center. This wheel offers similar benefits to the nylon construction but offers increased traction, less noise, and better floor protection. Available in a wide range of hardnesses, this wheel maintains good elasticity and abrasion resistance.

TPU Wheels


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Stellana's tailor-made wheels for steerable wheel sorter have significantly improved the efficiency for our customers in order to tackle the large quantity of sorting and distribution.
The market for warehouse automation is expected to double to around 30 billion USD by 2025, with the markets for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) growing fastest within the segment.

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