Suitable for your toughest conditions, this material offers excellent cut and tear resistance.
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Engineered durability and strength

Stellana Gmax is an application specific premium polymer compound. Gmax utilizes the latest polymer technology to create a polyurethane wheel that is suitable for a wide variety of applications. The material properties of the Gmax provide excellent resistance to chunking, tearing and flat spotting in wheels and tires. Being a harder compound (95 Shore A), traction and cushioning properties are reduced. This material is available in standard and custom sized polyurethane tires and polyurethane load wheels.

Gmax logo
gmax wheelgmax wheel
gmax threadsgmax threads
gmax optimagmax optima
Gmax tire and wheelsGmax tire and wheels

Performance Attributes

Load Capacity
Speed Capacity
Cut / Tear Resistance
Traction & Braking
Noise Reduction
Operator Comfort

Technical Data

Hardness (Shore A)
Split / Tear (pli)
Tensile Strength (PSI)
Elongation (%)
Compression Set (%)
Bashore Resilience (%)
DIN Abrasion (mm3)


You can also visit our Resources page for more brochures and information. Spanish versions are available.

Gmax™ Tires and Wheels

Stellana Global Wheels and Tires Experts

Michael Scoon

Michael Scoon

Director Global Sales & Marketing
+1 262 812 7321
Irshan Jayah

Irshan Jayah

Business Development Director - Americas
+1 262 475 9730
Erik Unnersjö

Erik Unnersjö

Director Sales and Marketing - Europe
+46 (0)703 22 49 59
Edmund Li

Edmund Li

Director Sales and Marketing - Asia Pacific
+86 532 81 73 11 67

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