Stellana Focus™

Stellana Focus™

This solid resilient rubber tire offers unmatched performance in an economy tire.

For standard applications

This tire’s unique construction offers superior comfort and performance when compared to competing budget tires. The durable multi-layer construction includes a small cushion layer between the tire’s tread and base layers. This layer provides an additional level of heat dissipation compared to two-layer resilient tires.  Available in both black and non-marking options, the Focus delivers excellent performance in standard to light material handling applications.

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Key Attributes

  • Durable multi-layer construction that is superior to a dual layer tire
    • High performance tread reduces chunking and tearing in indoor and outdoor applications
    • Small cushion layer to improve heat dissipation and rider comfort
    • The extremely hard base is reinforced by steel beads for added strength, flexibility, and to prevent rotation on the rim
  • Available in black and non-marking natural rubber options
  • Deeper lugs offer better heat transmission, less vibration, improved driver comfort


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Focus Resilient Rubber Tires

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Patrik Jonsson

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