Wheels for AGVs, AS/RS, and Beyond

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Automated Warehouse Solutions

Stellana AGV Wheels for Automated Warehouse Solutions

Wheels for AGVS, AS/RS, and Beyond

Stellana AGV wheels can carry higher loads during more continuous operations while providing excellent traction, braking, and comfort. Polyurethane is naturally non-marking and reduces overall concrete wear from continuous use as well. Our wheel’s low rolling resistance reduces battery drain, which lowers maintenance costs and improves your bottom line and uptime.

Precision Engineering for Enhanced Performance

Stellana AGV wheels are crafted with accurate precision to meet the demands of automated warehouse environments. Each wheel features a total runout from the bolt hole circle of just 0.005”, minimizing location errors. This tight OD tolerance of +/- 0.12mm ensures superior accuracy in operations. Engineered to handle high speeds and heavy loads, these wheels are built to meet all application requirements, providing consistent and reliable performance.

Optimized Performance and Cost Savings

Our wheels are designed to optimize performance while delivering significant cost savings. The low rolling resistance of Stellana AGV wheels reduces battery power consumption, extending battery life and cutting down on energy costs. High abrasion resistance ensures a longer lifecycle with minimal wear, maintaining precision and reducing maintenance needs over time. The non-marking nature of polyurethane prevents floor marking and reduces concrete wear, safeguarding your facility from damage caused by continuous use.

Stellana AGV Wheels for Automated Warehouse Solutions

Benefits of the Key Attributes

• Zero TIR: Wheels have a total runout from bolt hole circle of .005” which reduces location errors.

• Tight OD Tolerance: Wheels have an OD tolerance of +/- 0.12mm, reducing location errors.

High Speed and Load Capacity: Can manage all your application requirements.

• Low Rolling Resistance: Requires less battery power to operate.

• High Abrasion Resistance: Extended life cycle and reduced wear which limits location error over time.

• Non-Marking: Polyurethane is naturally non marking so will not mark floors.

• Reduced Concrete Wear: Prevents rutting of floors from continuous use.

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Stellana AGV Wheels for Automated Warehouse Solutions

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