Material Handling

Material Handling
Changing warehouse conditions put more stress on the wheels and tires in use. We offer engineered solutions that stand up to the most challenging environments while enhancing your equipment’s performance and uptime.

Designed to Keep things Moving

Modern fleets are a complex mix of legacy equipment and advanced technology – built to handle an increasing number of SKUs, a scarce workforce, and shorter shipping windows. At Stellana, we work closely alongside the leading manufactures of material handling equipment to deliver a material difference. 


A partner to the industrial forklift industry

In response to a changing consumer landscape and rising operation costs, material handling equipment needs to be smarter, faster, and more efficient.

Today’s vehicles are heavier and faster than ever, but these changes are increasingly demanding on the polyurethane wheels and tires. To battle the wear and tear, we continue to innovate by developing advanced materials that offer extreme durability, a lower cost of ownership, minimal service requirements, and excel under continual usage.

Noted for high load, high speed, and cut and tear resistance, our broad range of wheels and tires meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the industry’s leading OEMs. Stellana’s material expertise and application know-how can make a true difference in the performance of your equipment.


Learn more about how our material experts can help you to improve the performance of your equipment, saving you time and money.

Product areas

Learn more about how our material experts can help you to improve the sustainability and longevity of your applications.

Forklift applications

Forklift Applications

We are the leading partner of the industrial forklift industry as we supply drive tires, rollers and load wheels to the top manufacturers of industrial lift trucks worldwide.

We understand no two fleets handle the same jobs, and our products reflect that. We work closely with you to find the right compounds for the job.

Our in-house engineering and R&D capabilities enable us to formulate compounds precisely to the exact demands of specific tire applications. Whether you are looking for high load capabilities, cut and tear resistance, traction, or anything in between, we have the wheels for the job.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Many of the pallet jacks throughout the material handling industry use Stellana’s high-quality thermoplastic wheels. Our high-stability, lightweight wheels are widely used for their competitive price and performance benefits.

These wheel systems are available in all nylon constructions and other mixed material structures. The engineered profile of the all nylon option ensures zero debonding and eliminates the worry of rust when compared to metal constructions.

Looking for a different tread material? We also offer options that include a polyurethane tread bonded to the nylon center. This wheel offers similar benefits to the nylon construction but offers increased traction, less noise, and better floor protection. Available in a wide range of hardnesses, this wheel maintains good elasticity and abrasion resistance.

Handpallet truck wheels
Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Used to move inventory, assist in picking, sort products, and more these vehicles can’t afford any preventable downtime. We engineer and manufacture our AGV wheels to the strictest specifications so that your AMRs and AGVs can run without interruption.

These non-marking wheels excel under continual usage and reduce floor wear of frequently traveled paths when compared to other materials. Our wheels utilize zero TIR technology, meaning they are machined to a nearly perfect OD and cylindricity.

Our zero TIR technology has a direct effect on the machine’s localization. While it may be hard to believe, the slightest irregularities in the wheel’s profile can impact the vehicle’s locational accuracy. We work to keep your fleets up and running by minimizing localization error and the need for configuration.

ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems)

Stellanas polyurethane wheels offer an optimal blend of performance characteristics that are crucial to ASRS equipment. Monitoring strict controls throughout all aspects of the production, we consistently provide exceptional performance for a wide range of systems.

Designed to run over the racking systems with ease, we engineer our polyurethane wheels to exhibit exceptional chunk and tear resistance – holding up to the joints and other points of stress. We also utilize advanced Zero TIR (total indicator run out) Technology to achieve a nearly perfect roundness that is unique to our products

Our wheels are compatible with combinations of equipment that store and retrieve items with precision, accuracy and speed. In addition, our wheels excel under a variety of demanding conditions including extreme heights and weights. 

Conveyor systems

Conveyor Systems

Our polyurethane wheels are used within a variety of conveyor systems that include:

  • Overhead conveyors
  • Automotive conveyor systems
  • Seaport handling equipment
  • Baggage conveyor systems

Our wheel design can help you reduce downtime and repair costs. A nearly perfect wheel profile eliminates unwanted wobbling on the tracks. In addition, our formulations nearly eliminate torn or chipped wheels. Stellanas polyurethane wheels pass joints and other stress points on the track with ease because of their excellent cut and tear resistance.

Drive Units

Stellana is a partner to many drive unit manufacturers globally. Our polyurethane wheels can be designed to fit directly into an existing mounting configuration, or to be pressed onto a manufactured hub.

Contributing to the greater system, our polyurethane tires offer extreme durability and power. Available in multiple sizes and materials, we can meet the needs of your exact requirements. Our engineers design tires to meet your exact performance requirements for a long-lasting solution that delivers a service life our competitors can’t match.

Drive Units

Stellana Global Wheels and Tires Experts

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Michael Scoon

Director Global Sales & Marketing
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Business Development Director - Rubber Products
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Erik Unnersjö

Director Sales and Marketing - Europe
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Edmund Li

Edmund Li

Director Sales and Marketing - Asia Pacific
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Case Stories

The market for warehouse automation is expected to double to around 30 billion USD by 2025, with the markets for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) growing fastest within the segment.
IAM Robotics uses the Smoothy® material in their wheels, giving them a virtually perfect cylindricity.

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