Top 3 Reasons We Recommend the max90

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Top 3 Reasons We Recommend the max90

Polyurethane is a versatile material that is known for its favorable qualities such as durability, chemical resistance, and overall resilience. Polyurethane’s chemistry can be modified to accentuate the desired material properties for each unique application. The max90 tire was formulated for you if:

1. You are handling very heavy loads at high speeds

The max90 is made from a 90-durometer polyurethane material. Durometer refers to the hardness of the material and it had a lot to do with the tire’s performance. At Stellana, our polyurethane tires range from 70-95 durometer. The max90’s unique polymer formation tolerates extreme load capacity and fast speeds.

With the demands for increased SKUs, expedited delivery and higher volumes of e-commerce purchases and returns, your fleets are constantly moving! The max90 will keep up with the higher speed requirements and carry heavier loads. This tire was engineered to withstand more stress while retaining the positive attributes of a lower durometer material.

2. You want to maintain a higher level of safety through traction, braking, and operator comfort

Being a 90-durometer tire, the material is still soft enough to offer many of the safety and performance attributes that a softer durometer material would. When everyone is trying to come up with more warehouse space, aisles are getting narrower, taller and stacked with more product. Having adequate control of the machinery is a must for the safety of your staff and also to minimize the damage of the goods being stored. The max90 offers good braking, traction, and better operator comfort when compared to a harder material tire.

3. You have been searching for the perfect blend of performance!

You cannot sacrifice safety, but today’s changing warehouse conditions mandate increased performance which in some cases means a need for tires with a higher load and speed capacity. Polyurethanes by nature come with tradeoffs, but they will offer exceptional performance when properly selected. As you choose a harder material you begin to lose safety and comfort. However, the max90 was formulated to offer the safety and handling of a lower durometer tire while providing the resistance to failure seen in a harder material – reducing the need for a safety tradeoff!

The list could go on, but these three reasons are all we need to be convinced the max90 is one of the best tires in the market. Do you still need more convincing? Contact us today to learn how the max90 or one of Stellana’s other materials will deliver the performance you need.


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