Implementing the best technology in the best wheels and tires

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Rolling Out Success: Why implementing the best technology should also mean investing in the best wheels and tires

Although easily overlooked, we must also focus on the efficiency provided by the wheels and tires running our equipment. Paying for the best technology means it is also essential to invest in the wheels and tires that will further maximize overall warehouse efficiency and equipment uptime.
Today, warehouses and distribution centers are forced to scrutinize their warehouse efficiency as the demand increases for faster turnaround and order fulfillment. In addition, the growing number of SKUs found in these operations has prompted a search for improved picking productivity with reduced error. Beyond the quantitative factors, satisfaction in the workplace is another contributing factor to the shifting investment towards new technology. Automation, for example, allows for the reallocation of skilled labor towards less monotonous tasks. Regardless of your other motives for optimization, the implementation of these changes comes down to two things: the desire for quicker and more cost-effective ways to move goods – and wheels and tires are a critical component of that equation.

Today’s Technology

The modernization of the facilities has taken shape through numerous innovative solutions, many of which require wheels and tires. Multilingual voice control, Internet of Things (IoT), GPS and other evolving technologies are just a few examples of the modernizations being used to amplify the performance of warehouses and DCs across the globe. Common solutions include:

Inventory Tracking

Wireless, mobile devices are being used for real-time inventory tracking


Operating systems are now designed to manage and interpret a mix of technologies including barcoding, IoT, Radio frequency identification (RFID), GPS and more to allow for more informed, quicker decisions


Robotic picking and racking use voice automated, multilingual technology to advance productivity

Material Handling – Forklifts and AGVs

Reduces repetitive material handling tasks and decreases operation time with remote control to driverless solutions including semi-automated forklifts, automated forklifts, and AGVs

Investing in Your Investments

When the choice is made to implement new technology or update what exists, it is important to invest in that equipment. One surprising and important way to do so is through your wheels and tires.

With increasing expenditure on advanced technological warehouse solutions, we cannot forget the importance of one of the first simple machines – the wheel. Equipment such as forklifts, AGVs and picking robots all run on wheels. Consider running yours on Stellana wheels.

Stellana wheels and tires are engineered to maximize the performance of your equipment. Instead of creating good, better, and best products, our product lines are made of only the best solutions and differ based on the operating environment and material handled.

For example, our L Max product consists of an application specific polymer compound designed to excel in long run, high load environments. For even higher load requirements, we have engineered Max 90. In addition, our perfectly round Smoothy tires and load wheels are the perfect solution for order pickers offering minimized truck vibration, mast sway and error build up for a safe, efficient ride. When working in cold, damp environments T Max will provide better performance than a standard polyurethane tire through its excellent traction, tear, cut and debris resistance. For rough flooring, dock plates and other tough conditions, we recommend V Max for its unparalleled cut/tear and chunking resistance and tolerance for ultra-high loads and speeds.  

Mindfully choosing to use high-quality wheels and tires will increase uptime, extend the performance of the technology, and by doing so, will maximize the success of your warehouse efficiency plans. 

AGV Wheels

One specific application, Stellana AGV wheels, are engineered and manufactured using Total Indicator Runout technology (TIR). Using TIR technology and holding our poly diameters to +/- .005, ensures that every AGV wheel is perfectly round and smooth. Our wheels offer reduced vibration, zero flat spotting, and lower rolling resistance to reduce error build up; getting the maximum performance of your AGVs.

Beyond AGV wheels, we customize our wide range of polyurethane tires and wheels to match the application. We offer a variety of sizes, durometers, profiles, and tread treatments. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram for product highlights, company news and more industry related content!


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