Rubber Wheels for Casters

Rubber Wheels for Casters

High-Quality Wheel Systems

Elastomeric offers different types of wheels for casters made for both light and heavy applications. Noted for their low rolling resistance, durability, and resilience – our wheels are engineered for their ergonomic mobility. Find the efficiency you seek through a wheel solution that offers longevity, performance, and ease of motion to promote safety and productivity.

These non-marking wheels are versatile and flexible enough to accommodate many institutional usage environments including medical, food service, hospitality, retail, airports, and more.  Common uses include shopping carts, hospital beds, baggage trolleys, and more.

Elastic Wheels

Elastic natural rubber wheels

These chemically bonded elastic wheels for casters are made to handle heavy duty applications. These wheels are highly durable and provide comfort with resilient quality. Available with and without bearings, these wheels have low rolling resistance and are recommended for intensive use.
Wheels for Casters
Rubber Rings

Rubber Rings

Rubber wheels for casters

Our rubber rings for casters can be used for both light and heavy applications. These wheels are made from natural rubber, making them suitable for a diverse application range. These rubber rings offer excellent performance in both indoor and outdoor use. Also available in elastic, anti-static, and conductive versions.

Type 80

The perfect wheel for institutional applications

This noiseless, rubber wheel has a clean, ergonomic design that offers functional load capacity. A polypropylene center is injected into the rubber ring to create a mechanical lock and enhance performance. The non-marking rubber compound used on this wheel makes it an ideal wheel for customer-facing environments and those with hygiene requirements. Type 80 keeps your floors clean, limits noise and vibration while accommodating standard loads.

Type 60

Rubber rings with polyamide and polypropylene center

These wheels provide versatility and flexibility for the end-user. The Type 60 is available non-marking options for sensitive floors and customer-facing environments. Suitable for both light and heavy applications, this wheel excels under a wide range of industrial applications.


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Effortless Wheels US

Rubber Rings

Type 60 Rubber Rings

Type 80 Rubber Wheels

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The market for warehouse automation is expected to double to around 30 billion USD by 2025, with the markets for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) growing fastest within the segment.
IAM Robotics uses the Smoothy® material in their wheels, giving them a virtually perfect cylindricity.

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