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Unión de industrias C.A. S.A.

Welcome To UNICA, Unión De Industrias, Spain UNICA is a rubber compounder based in Corella, north of Spain. We’ve been developing and producing advanced rubber compounds since 1958 and have

Vicom 2002 S.L.

VICOM 2002 S.L.

Welcome To VICOM 2002 S.L We provide thermoplastic compounds, peroxide cured isolation and cable sheathing, and cable bedding compounds. VICOM 2002 serves the wire and cable industries in Spain. Please contact

HEXPOL Compounding Rubi

HEXPOL Compounding SLU

Welcome to VIGAR (HEXPOL Compounding SLU), Spain VIGAR (HEXPOL Compounding SLU) is dedicated to technological leadership in the development and production of high quality rubber compounds. Our approach involves integration of